Nowadays, the whole world is connected to WIFI and the internet. As everyone needs the internet, there are many different sources of using the internet and various tech companies have provided the world with their facilities. Recently, people are also using a wireless router for internet purposes as this is more modern and have much more advancements. So, now the question is What Do Tech Services Companies Charge for Wireless Router Setup

As much as the question seems simple, the answer is not so easy. It is because different areas of different countries charge varying rates. Still, you may have to pay around 100$ or sometimes above for the wireless router setup. Thus, if you cannot afford to pay for that or just that you do not want to waste that amount of money for only the setup, you can always set up the router all by yourself. So, here is how you can place a wireless router at home:

Placement and Set Up

Having a perfect place for your router set up is very important as it affects the range of your signals. So, before setting up your router, you need to find the best place to place it. Make sure you choose is the center part of your residence as it has lesser obstructions. Know that the brick walls and floors prevent the Wi-Fi signals to move, so the more obstacles between your device cause weaker signals. 

Placement- home-wifi-network-internet

Firstly, you have to connect your router to your modem. For this purpose, you need an Ethernet cable to plug into the WAN (Wide-area network) port on the rear face of your router.

This port usually looks different from the router to the router. Still, it usually has a specific color from the other ports, and it will be labelled as WAN or Internet or something else similar. Now, from the WAN port, attach the opposite end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the modem. Confirm that your modem is turned on and you will be ready to connect the internet. Now, finally, you have to plug your router into the wall medium and then turn it on.


Setting up a wireless router is not a big deal. However, if you are still not able to set up the router by yourself, you can always contact the tech companies to set up your wireless router at reasonable costs. Also, you can look for the Best Wireless Router Booster in Paris, if you need to boost your signals or WIFI connections. There are many Best Wireless Network Services that you can easily find in Paris with amazing facilities.

It is a better idea to contact the tech companies to place your router as they have their skilled and professional staff who know what they are doing. They will do your work in a limited time as well as in a perfect way.

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