Whether you move office or a home there are so many things that need your equal attention. Many times things go out of the way and people face some loss when they move. There are many moving companies in the market that promise damage-free moving. If you are moving home or apartment then you can think of doing it all alone. However, an office is impossible to move without any assistance and help. Especially, when you plan an IT Office Move there is a long list of things that you must consider. Here is the checklist that will definitely help you in moving home without any damage and loss.

Plan IT Relocation Months Before You Move

There are many things that an IT office needs. Most importantly a 24-hour availability of internet and network is mandatory for the IT office. You must contact internet service provider’s months before you move. Never pack your computers and networking devices until the ISPs confirm about the internet services. Visit the place where you intend to move and test the internet speed for a few days. Increase internet usage and test the speed in different timings.

Replace Your Equipment

In this age of technology and advancement, the computers and IT devices change every day. If your computers and machines are too old and you think that they need modification. Then it is recommended that you change your machines at the time of moving the office. You can pack old machines and sell them. Call your IT assistance team, select the new machines that can fulfill your needs, then make a budget plan. Now you can move on to the execution of this plan.

Reassess Your Communication Needs

IT companies are incomplete without communication networks. Visit the place where you are moving your office and see the telephone lines that you will probably need. Access the power outlets needed by your employees. Take all these things into account and manage your new office. You need to inspect everything before moving that can affect the function of your company.

Check the Data Storage

All IT companies utilize humongous data storage. This data is stored in local drives or in the space assigned to them in the cloud. Before you move the IT office it is mandatory to check the data storage of all employees. Transfer this data to the cloud so that you can access it from your new office. Also, make up the backup copies of the data that your company uses. In cloud data is stored in the servers like a firewall.

Test the New Office

Even if you have tested everything a hundred times you need to retest the office equipment and connections a night before you move office. If everything works fine only you can move into your new office. Phone systems, networks, cables, last but not the least electricity connections ought to be tested.

Now you know the most important things to be planned and tested before moving to an IT office. Move your IT office in a safe and sound manner.